Leadera, founded by Galit Yaskerevitz-Tietz, specializes in project management consulting and training. The Leadera team has a wealth of experience across many PM levels and industry verticals. We are often called upon to aid in project structuring, teaching best-in-practice project management methodologies, program planning, establishing project management offices (PMO), and improving efficiency. Our mission is to lead clients to achieve excellence in project management.

As Leadera embarks on this mission; an intimate partnership with each client is formed to develop a solution that best fits the personnel and organizational objectives. Leadera has a proven record in developing solutions for a wide range of intra-organizational projects covering: product development, information systems, marketing, research, engineering, and social/behavioral.

Since company strategy is being executed through projects, we believe that by improving project execution and better project management the company goals will be reached quicker.

Our Clients

  • Nespresso
  • Omrix
  • Maoz
  • TLV University
  • Synerion
  • Bank Israel

Our Quality Assurance

We understand how complex project management can be when accounting for personnel, organizational culture, time, budget, and a multitude of other factors. These intra-department, cross organizational, or cross-company challenges have enormous influence on achieving project management excellence. In order to ensure success with each client throughout the process we have created a unique quality assurance system focusing on:

Achieving Goals
Our primary task is to keep the finish line and bottom line in mind.
Managerial Insights
From our experience, working with us produces several insights on the world of project management and promotes excellence in project management.
Change Management
Often a critical aspect to implement new methodologies and process is obtaining employee "buy in." It
Customizing a program to meet the unique needs of every client requires being able to adapt best practices to various personnel, departments, organizations, and verticals.
To achieve excellence we have to work together from concept to implementation. The first step to success in any project is forming an intimate partnership with our client.

About Galit Yaskerevitz-Tietz, Founder & CEO

Galit Yaskerevitz-Tietz

Galit is a Project Management expert with over 15 years of experience in the field including 7 years working for Motorola Israel. Her vast consulting and training experience spans both local and international clientele. Her specialties include establishing PMOs from concept to reality, the construction and implementation of PM methodologies, developing Portfolio Management Systems, and customizing project management training programs and workshops.

Galit serves as the vice president of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Israel chapter, a guest lecturer in the faculty of technology management at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), and has led the project portfolio management forum in Recanati Faculty of Management in Tel Aviv University.

Galit is a certified PMP holding a qualified project manager diploma from George Washington University. She received both her bachelor's degree in sociology and anthropology and her MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Clients Recommend Us

  • Dr. Liat Basis, recruitment and assessment manager, Maoz nonprofit organization

    Leadera's team supported Maoz in the last two years with consulting, guidance and feedback on project issues with a pleasant, insightful, professional and caring attitude. There is no doubt that project management is a field where continuous improvement is essential in improving efficiency and outcomes. Galit is one of the experts available in this field in Israel.

  • Yair Libertal, Site Manager R&D Center, Israel, Thomson Reuturs

    Galit was very quick to adapt to our specific needs while being highly professional, extremely attentive, flexible, and combined subject matter knowledge with great interpersonal skills. I would highly recommend Galit to anyone who wishes to enhance the project management skill set of his/her organization.

  • Yael Ravid, Senior consultant, Deloitte; Former VP Global organizational development & training, Ness Technologies

    Galit exemplified the consummate professional, while she excelled at demonstrating her top notch training skills in Project Management. Her wealth of knowledge served to quickly gain the respect of all participants and her ability to integrate various course topics was flawless. Galit is attentive, pleasant, knowledgable, sharp and a true team player.

  • Eli Avni, Joint Managing Director, Synerion Systems Ltd.

    Today when we are using the new methodologies for Project Management that Leadera brought to the table, most of our projects are on now on schedule and on budget! Moreover, the efficiency of the implementation team has improved dramatically.


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