Creating Portfolio Management Systems

Today, many organizations understand that well planned and executed project management is critical to achieve success both internally and with external clients. However, many challenges arise when a number of projects are managed in the same organization, which require both shared and limited resources.

While project management methodologies focus on best practices in the management of a project on the micro level, the process of project portfolio management (PPM) focuses on the management of multiple programs and projects on the macro level. This is achieved by creating a mechanism for evaluating, selecting, and prioritizing these projects to best accomplish to organizational strategy.

Leadera specializes in the construction of tailor-made project portfolio frameworks to meet the needs of each organization. We place an emphasis on creating organizational-enabling practices that will allow an organization to gain significant competitive advantage in the form of improved resource efficiency and maximizing outputs.

What does the solution include?

Assessment and mapping of the internal clients and the types of projects throughout the organization

Defining criteria to classify each project

Characterizing the project portfolio management and prioritization process


Who does the solution fit?

Organizations whose executives, together with the PMO, are interested in improving operating and resource efficiency through adding a decision support tool

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About Leadera

Leadera specializes in project management consulting and training. The Leadera team has a wealth of experience across many PM levels and industry verticals. Our primary goal is to partner with our clients to develop customized programs to efficiently meet all of their project management objectives.

The company is lead by its CEO Galit Yaskerevitz-Tietz, a project management expert with countless hours of experience in consulting and training both local and international organizations. Galit is PMP certified, received her project management diploma from the George Washington University, acts as the VP of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Israel chapter, and is a guest lecturer at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT).

Among the organizations Leadera has worked with to create a Project Portfolio Management System are Leumi Bank, Synerion, Bank of Israel and more.


Our company manages projects in different divisions, how do you prepare for such a situation?

Ultimately this question requires prioritization of projects across the organization. The creation of a project portfolio management framework will create a custom defined decision support system that improves human resource utilization and helps managers standardize this process for full transparency.

Leadera has a proven track record in successfully providing solutions to a wide array of projects including product development, information systems, marketing, research, engineering and social/organizational.

For which organizational units is the mechanism of initiating and managing a project portfolio a good solution?

This solution is suitable for any organizational unit that it carrying out a number of concurrent projects with given budgets and human resources, and needs to make decisions regarding the prioritization of projects. However, in organizations with a large number of units, sometimes it is a particular unit such as IT systems or the development division while in other cases it is the entire organization.

What are the products of this process?

  •  A structured process with well defined roles for the various functions in the organization's project portfolio management
  •   A clear system of cyclical work process, procedures, and reporting that facilitate a decision support tool.
  • Work methods that guarantee projects will remain in accordance to the organization's strategy
How can we ensure PM excellence in our organization over the long-term?

Achieving excellence in project management is an ongoing learning process also involving the development of suitable organizational  processes and infrastructure (such as constructing a methodology), as well as developing and investing on the relevant people in the organization (i.e. through courses). Our array of solutions relating to both processes and people will enable excellence in project management over the long-term, and will ensure ongoing improvement and achievement of the desired business outcomes.

Clients recommend us

  • Yair Libertal, Site Manager R&D Center, Israel, Thomson Reuturs

    Galit was very quick to adapt to our specific needs while being highly professional, extremely attentive, flexible, and combined subject matter knowledge with great interpersonal skills. I would highly recommend Galit to anyone who wishes to enhance the project management skill set of his/her organization.

  • Eli Avni, Joint Managing Director, Synerion Systems Ltd.

    Today when we are using the new methodologies for Project Management that Leadera brought to the table, most of our projects are on now on schedule and on budget! Moreover, the efficiency of the implementation team has improved dramatically.

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