Planning and supervising projects - Creating and supervising project work plans

Statistics show that projects do not finish on time, exceed budget or may be at a level of quality and content that does not satisfy the client.

Proper, precise investment in planning a project promotes attainment of its objectives and targets.  

A complete work plan for a project might contain, among other things, a Gantt schedule, a risk management plan, integrated change control, configuration management plan, communications management plan and more. This is defined as a baseline over which there must be monitoring and control. 


Quite often, project leaders in an organization are people with a background in the context of the project, but not necessarily with a background in management. Hence the ‘toolbox’ required for proper planning, control and management of a project is lacking. 

The Leadera team can help those people put together work plans and management infrastructure for a new project, as well as assist with supervision throughout the project lifecycle. 

This solution may be applied to one or more projects in an organization, with accompaniment and mentoring of the project manager as needed.

What does the solution include?

 Study the project and its documents

 Get to know the relevant stakeholders

 Lead the project team in creating a project work plan

 Accompany the project management in the supervision process

 Personally mentor the project manager as needed


What type of organizations request this solution?

Organizations that do not specialize in project management, but are occasionally asked to engage in it, and thus seek help in professional project management

Organizations whose clients require them to manage a project in a certain way

Organizations whose project managers want to meet the defined objectives

Organizations whos VPs are seeking client satisfaction

Organizations whos CEOs are interested in accessible and summarized information to support a decision about a project

Organizations whos PMO is seeking proper budget control to improve cash flow

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About Leadera

Leadera specializes in project management consulting and training. The Leadera team has a wealth of experience across many PM levels and industry verticals. Our primary goal is to partner with our clients to develop customized programs to efficiently meet all of their project management objectives.

The company is lead by its CEO Galit Yaskerevitz-Tietz, a project management expert with countless hours of experience in consulting and training both local and international organizations. Galit is PMP certified, received her project management diploma from the George Washington University, acts as the VP of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Israel chapter, and is a guest lecturer at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT).

Among the organizations we have trained are Delta Galil Industries LTD, Motorola, the Ministry of Health, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Leumi Bank etc.


What does a comprehensive project work plan entail?

It entails plans covering the following aspects of a project:

Communications and interfaces 
Stakeholder management 

Quite often not all the elements mentioned above are necessary, and from these you will have to select sub-plans that are relevant for the project in question, and in particular, define the scope of detail for the writing of each sub-plan


How does the accompaniment support the creation of the project plan?

It involves joint work of the project manager and the Leadera consultant.  The division of work between them is decided according to the needs and wishes of the client. This might range from having Leadera give general guidelines while the project team carries out the plan, submitting outcomes for review and comment, through to having the Leadera team do the planning with the project manager there to assist.

What are the outcomes of project supervision?

The most common outcome is a status report, and the person in charge of producing it is the project manager.  In the report it is important to note the various stakeholders, each of whom is interested in seeing the information from a slightly different angle. This means ‘packaging’ the information slightly differently for each body. For example, a senior manager will usually want to hear the status in ‘headline’ format, without too much detail, but at the same time, will want information about any ‘red flags’ and risks alerts. An external client, on the other hand, will be interested in information at a different resolution, and so forth.

How can we ensure PM excellence in our organization over the long-term?

Achieving excellence in project management is an ongoing learning process also involving the development of suitable organizational  processes and infrastructure (such as constructing a methodology), as well as developing and investing on the relevant people in the organization (i.e. through courses). Our array of solutions relating to both processes and people will enable excellence in project management over the long-term, and will ensure ongoing improvement and achievement of the desired business outcomes.

Clients Recommend Our Training

  • Gideon Ramati, former PMO director, Motorola Israel

    Thinking, planning and a systemic overview headed by Galit led to the creation of detailed work plans for the project, plans which helped us succeed in avoiding hazards, coping with uncertainty, meeting predefined project targets, including getting the product out within the allotted time frame.

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