Training Programs and Workshops

Leadera specializes in creating custom-developed project management training courses. Each course is tailor made to the unique organizational needs of our client, with an emphasis on honing skill sets for project management roles through theory, practical and experiential learning.

Each course is developed through an intimate process where we work together with our clientele to understand their exact objectives, and design a customized syllabus to obtain the desired outcomes. Every course is tailor-made to cover project management methodology, skill sets, and tools that can be immediately applicable to the field.

Our offerings include courses, seminars, and workshops such as:

  • Project management fundamental
  • Project management for non-project managers
  • The project management office (PMO)
  • Project risk management and opportunity management
  • Project portfolio management
  • Executive or team leadership level project management methodology and tools
  • etc...

Clients that are interested in establishing an internal qualification process can turn to Leadera for creating multi-role training programs, aiding in developing training software and testing materials. Moreover, Leadera specializes in building career paths for project managers throughout the organization.

What does the solution include?

Together with our client, we map and assess the needs and objectives

Mutual decision making on course content and syllabus creation

Tailoring the most relevant internal cases to use for practical learning

Preparing courseware according to the unique organizational needs

Teaching the course work

Leadera ensures that the course material is based on accepted international methodologies. The coursework will always incorporate theory, practical and experiential learning.


What type of organizations request this solution?

Vice Presidents attempting to gain a competitive edge

Human Resources offices focusing on retention and continued education

The Project Management office which requires efficiency and efficacy

Managers that maintain that setting and obtaining goals is essential to productivity

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About Leadera

Leadera specializes in project management consulting and training. The Leadera team has a wealth of experience across many PM levels and industry verticals. Our primary goal is to partner with our clients to develop customized programs to efficiently meet all of their project management objectives.

The company is lead by its CEO Galit Yaskerevitz-Tietz, a project management expert with countless hours of experience in consulting and training both local and international organizations. Galit is PMP certified, received her project management diploma from the George Washington University, acts as the VP of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Israel chapter, and is a guest lecturer at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT).

Among the organizations we have trained are Delta Galil Industries LTD, Motorola, the Ministry of Health, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Leumi Bank etc.


How to create an effective training program?

We emphasize the teaching of skills that can be immediately applicable to project management. As a group or individually, employees practice the use of these tools during the duration of the course. Throughout the course we ensure complete understanding of the material through both theory and practice. We are able to make the participants feel part of the process and make sure that the learned material will be relevant to their day to day work by utilizing case studies and examples from inside the organization. To ensure standardized, and continued use of these skills over time, we recommend that our clients create project management methodologies in addition to conducting the training.

Can a course include a variety of participants?

Yes, a PM course can include a variety of stakeholders in the organization’s project management, all with different jobs, from different departments and varying experience in this area. Part of the processes of preparing the training involves getting to know potential course participants and adapting the training content to their needs, taking into account their common denominator.

Our company manages projects in different divisions, how do you prepare for such a situation?

Achieving project management excellence is not a simple endeavor; however, with the right methodologies, training, skills sets, processes, and procedures in place it is possible. The organization and its employees have to all "buy in" to the plan, and work to continuously improve from project to project. Leadera can help by developing training courses and workshops for the organization.

How can we ensure PM excellence in our organization over the long-term?

Achieving excellence in project management is an ongoing learning process also involving the development of suitable organizational  processes and infrastructure (such as constructing a methodology), as well as developing and investing on the relevant people in the organization (i.e. through courses). Our array of solutions relating to both processes and people will enable excellence in project management over the long-term, and will ensure ongoing improvement and achievement of the desired business outcomes.

Clients Recommend Our Training

  • Adi Segev-Yarony, Human Resources Specialist , Omrix Biopharmaceuticals

    Galit consulted for us by providing our engineering department with a 2 meeting workshop covering project management topics. Throughout our engagement Galit conducted herself with extreme professionalism. She was responsible and organized and it was a pleasure working with her. We could certainly count on her. Galit was very flexible and open to changes according to our needs.

  • Hezkiah Zuri, Partner at Mikdu consulting and management Ltd, Former chief of operations, D-Medical

    Galit masterfully learned the organization's needs, and designed a training program that was "tailored" accordingly. She was very wise to mix theoretical, practical and experiential knowledge in the course while utilizing interactive discussions to retain the attention of the participants. Most importantly, the training was effective, and immediately changed the work methods of the project managers on my team.

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