Project Management Methodologies

Developing project management methodologies is a structured process that clearly articulates the various life cycle stages of a project, each input and output by stage, and defines a procedure using business logic to ensure all projects are handled in a standard fashion.

Good methodology is first and foremost a unified language in the organization that facilitates communication, coordination and synchronization between the parties involved in the project. Additionally, the methodology is the basis for quality control over the projects in regards to time tables, budgets, and quality.

Constructing and implementing the right methodologies will help your organization gain a competitive edge by helping to meet objectives on time and on budget, maximize resource utilization, and improve time to market.

What does the solution include?

Understanding the organization's need and defining the project's objectives

Analyzing the existing methodologies in the organization by studying past and present projects, mapping the organization, and taking insights from executives and employees

Utilizing the results and design a custom set of methodologies

Building templates for data that is required in each process (project work plans, status reports, etc)

Designing a gradual implementation plan taking into consideration resources and constraints

Guiding the implementation of the methodologies

Training and personal mentoring for relevant personnel, as necessary

Project supervision


What types of organizations request this solution?

Organizations whose executives are looking for information on project status

Organizations whose executives want to improve resource efficiency and effectiveness

Organizations whose project managers wish to meet their goals and achieve client satisfaction

Organizations that lack uniformity and structured procedures

Organizations looking to refresh and enhance their existing methodologies

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About Leadera

Leadera specializes in project management consulting and training. The Leadera team has a wealth of experience across many PM levels and industry verticals. Our primary goal is to partner with our clients to develop customized programs to efficiently meet all of their project management objectives.

The company is lead by its CEO Galit Yaskerevitz-Tietz, a project management expert with countless hours of experience in consulting and training both local and international organizations. Galit is PMP certified, received her project management diploma from the George Washington University, acts as the VP of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Israel chapter, and is a guest lecturer at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT).

Among the organizations in which we have develop and implement project management methodologies are Motorola, Omrix, Maoz, Synerion and more.


How do we develop an effective methodology for our organization?

Today there are international standards, best practices that have been in use in all kinds of organizations around the world. The right methodology for your organization is one that uses the international standard as its basis, and is then adjusted to your specific needs. This kind of combination is what creates an effect methodology.

Which parts of the organization are involved in the process?

Building or improvement of organizational methodologies is a collaborative process in which decisions are made by different parties in the organization. During the project we will identify the relevant parties that can and are available to contribute to the process and together with them we will decide on the outcome of the process. This will be validated in an appropriate steering committee and together we will lead the project to forward.

How do we validate that the methodology will suit our specific needs?

Leadera's working methods is based on common international best practices, tailoring them to the specific needs of the organization. A preliminary mapping and learning phase that identifies the specific needs of the organization enables this tailoring process. Leadera has a proven record in multiple types of projects such as product development, marketing, research, engineering and more.

Our company manages projects in different divisions, how do you prepare for such a situation?

While partnering with your organization throughout the entire process, the existing situation analysis will take into account the various insights from executives, and operational employees to ensure a tailor-made plan to fit all intra-organizational objectives. Leadera has a proven track record in successfully providing solutions to a wide array of projects including product development, information systems, marketing, research, engineering and social/organizational.

How can we ensure PM excellence in our organization over the long-term?

Achieving excellence in project management is an ongoing learning process also involving the development of suitable organizational  processes and infrastructure (such as constructing a methodology), as well as developing and investing on the relevant people in the organization (i.e. through courses). Our array of solutions relating to both processes and people will enable excellence in project management over the long-term, and will ensure ongoing improvement and achievement of the desired business outcomes.

Clients recommend us

  • Dr. Liat Basis, recruitment and assessment manager, Maoz nonprofit organization

    Leadera's team supported Maoz in the last two years with consulting, guidance and feedback on project issues with a pleasant, insightful, professional and caring attitude. There is no doubt that project management is a field where continuous improvement is essential in improving efficiency and outcomes. Galit is one of the experts available in this field in Israel.

  • Eli Avni, Joint Managing Director, Synerion Systems Ltd.

    Today when we are using the new methodologies for Project Management that Leadera brought to the table, most of our projects are on now on schedule and on budget! Moreover, the efficiency of the implementation team has improved dramatically.

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